Where co-creation becomes passion.


Laugh. Because life is passion. Because passion is our business. And because passion is creating together. Laugh. Tell your story to the world. In film and in images, in words and in sounds. Spread your message the way you want it. Without fuss. Because it is the content that matters. Laugh. Because working together means being yourself. Because honesty and being different are building a solid future together. What we do


Lei ride. You laugh.

We make films: company films, commercials and instructional films. We do what you ask. We translate your vision and more. If you allow us, we will participate in thinking with you along every step of the way. From initial concept to script, and from interview to final product. Because a film is so much more than just shooting and editing. Just like a company is so much more than just numbers and a building.


Nowadays the possibilities to communicate messages are endless. We create communication tools like TV-programs, videoclips, corporate films, instruction videos, websites, printed products, 3D animation and 3D graphics. It is our passion and pleasure to combine the right tools to communicate a strong message to the public. Whatever project we work on, we are only finished when you laugh. The Team


Noi ridiamo. We laugh.

Working hard while having fun. That is what we love to do. Joining forces with our clients and witch each other. Because together we stand strong. Develop, stimulate and create. A strong team is built up from many diverse qualities.

André Heijnen


After a career spanning twenty years as co-owner and creative director of the media company Inside/Out, André Heijnen decided to go back to basics, following his mantra: ‘Do what I’m good at, with a smile on my face.’ He achieved this wish by establishing IORIDOmedia, a company in which he tells the stories of people and organizations in a passionate and inspiring way.

Kyara Ottenheijm

Junior Editor, Technical Assistent

Kyara provides support for camera work, montage, and management activities. Working on a variety of audiovisual projects is right up Kyara’s street.

Bart van Pol

Senior Editor

Bart’s responsibilities include senior editing, camera work, and production activities. Always with a smile on his face, Bart is versatile, meticulous, patient, and driven by his interest for all things audiovisual.

Lindsey Oomen

Make-up Artist, Technical Assistent

Lindsey works on a self-employed basis in a beauty salon and is also the make-up artist at IORIDOmedia. With her expertise, she makes sure that everyone is cheerful. She is also a technical assistant and plays an indispensable role in on-site production activities.

Stefan Goedhart

2D/3D Animator

Stefan specializes in creating animations. These animations can be used as an effective communication tool to explain a story to a specific target group in a clear and graphical manner. They are also a convenient way of using clear data visualization in a convincing manner to raise awareness and inspire people. No two jobs are the same and Stefan is passionate about his work!

Nicky Geerlings

Graphic designer, Illustrator, Technical assistant.

Nicky started at iORiDOmedia as a work placement student. Nowadays, she works for iORiDOmedia as a freelancer. Nicky specializes in illustration and is also responsible for graphic design at iORiDOmedia. She also acts as a technical assistant for production activities.


We are proud of the products that we make and we are not afraid to show it. Get inspired.

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Ridiamo! Let’s laugh.Ridiamo! Let’s laugh.

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